Capt. Ken Lahr founded Reel Draggin’ Tackle™ (RDTKL) in June 2005. Before that he was making all of his own offshore rigs as well as rigging for a few Ocean City Md. Charter Captains. As their spreader bars and daisy chains became more popular he decided to establish the business. He has been saltwater fishing around the world since 1981. Before that, he was fishing the freshwater lakes in upstate NY. While others were casting to the banks, he was trying to figure out how to troll lots of lines with lots of baits. He caught a lot of lake trout back then.

At Reel Draggin' Tackle® they strive to make sure all of their tackle is high quality and effective. They don't sell anything that they don't fish or use offshore. All of their tackle is tested before being offered for sale. If it is not productive, they don't sell it. It is about catching fish, not fisherman!